Outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll services to a reputable company is a surefire way to reduce workload, allowing you to focus on growing your business. This approach provides an efficient and accurate solution to manage your company’s finances. In turn, you benefit from insightful and accurate financial information that enables you to make informed operational decisions.

At American Dream Tax Services, we help you streamline your financial management with accurate record-keeping and reporting. In addition, you can count on us to handle cost containment, bookkeeping system setup, tax planning, payroll management, and advisory services.

As a small business owner, you need our support to maximize operating efficiency. We help
you achieve this objective through unlimited consultations and a comprehensive list of
bookkeeping and payroll services. Examples of quarterly or monthly services include:

Bookkeeping Services in Las Vegas, NV

Leveraging our full house bookkeeping services helps you operate more profitably. Professional accounting services enhance your ability to scale operations easily without lag. As a result, you eliminate the need to embark on a costly recruitment process. You can take advantage of our experienced team to reinforce your in-house capabilities.

We have many years of experience analyzing operational costs, reviewing financial statements, preparing tax returns, and helping business owners understand finnancial statements. By partnering with us, you can develop an in-depth awareness of cash flow in your company.

Our team of certified accountants can handle complex and simpler accounting systems, depending on the size of your business and day-to-day transactions volume. The best part is that we align your bookkeeping with standard tax requirements. We help you identify transactions requiring supporting documents to match the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines.

A key component of our accounting services is enhancing your ability to analyze financial reports and make informed operational decisions. As a result, you gain a detailed understanding of your business's profitability. Another key benefit of enlisting our services is that we have experience working with various accounting technologies, such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics. On the other hand, we can assist you in switching from Excel sheets to more advanced software programs, enhancing operational efficiency.


Professional payroll services provide a practical way to keep your payroll organized. We employ effective systems and processes that streamline task management and eliminate clutter. These processes and systems make it easier to fulfill specific payroll requirements. The best part is that our services eliminate the need to worry about handling a large amount of documentation as part of your day-to-day operational processes.

It is no surprise that many small business owners understand the need to outsource payroll functions. Handling this high-level task in-house can prove more cumbersome and costly. On the other hand, we can assist you in defining and recording critical payroll processes. You can also make your processes more flexible to accommodate any remote work arrangements. With our support, you eliminate any guesswork to payroll management.

In the end, it becomes easier to establish discipline, ensure accuracy, manage expectations, enhance transparency, and bolster accountability. An additional benefit of improved payroll management standards is that it limits any legal liability for your business. We help you align your systems and processes with relevant labor and tax laws or requirements.

Failing to implement appropriate payroll processes can lead to hefty penalties by the IRS. Thus, it is vital to work with a professional service provider to avoid any potential issues leading to significant financial repercussions.

Why Choose American Dream Tax Services

As a full-service accounting firm in Las Vegas, NV, American Dream Tax Services handles wide-ranging bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, and advisory services. You can count on our team to streamline your financial management processes. We work closely with many Hispanic entrepreneurs operating businesses of varying sizes. Our focus on this demographic allows us to offer personalized services to suit this market’s specific needs.

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