American Dream Tax Services, LLC

American Dream Tax Services LLC (“American Dream”) is not a law firm, and its employees are not attorneys. American Dream does not provide legal services and is not affiliated with any attorneys. Instead, you are representing yourself in any legal matter you undertake with information provided by American Dream.

American Dream may provide you general information about forming a company. We cannot, however, provide you any legal advice as to whether you should form a company or what type of company you should form. We also cannot provide you legal advice as to how you should run your company.

American Dream may also provide you general information about or certain business licenses, however these may not be all of the business licenses you need. Your business may be subject to license requirements in multiple local jurisdictions, including in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Clark County, and Henderson. Simply because we provide information about a particular business license does not mean this is the only business license you need. If you are doing business in a particular jurisdiction, it is your responsibility to contact the correct government department to become properly licensed in that jurisdiction. Depending on your business there may also be specific state or federal licensing requirements. 

The information American Dream provides is not a substitute for the advice of your own attorney. At no time does American Dream check the information you provide us for legal sufficiency, draw legal conclusions, provide legal advice or apply the law to the facts of your particular situation. If you need legal advice, please seek out a licensed attorney.