Taking out adequate business insurance is an unavoidable step that can save a business from legal and financial woes. Property damage and liability claims can be devastating to small, midsize, and large companies without adequate insurance coverage.

Thankfully, American Dream Tax Services offers reliable insurance services to help businesses of varying sizes to deal with unforeseen circumstances. You can count on our insurance services to cover auto, home, business insurance, and bonds in Las Vegas, NV.

Business owner’s policy (BOP) provides sufficient cover for most small businesses because it bundles business income insurance, liability cover, and property insurance. By taking out the right insurance, business people can enjoy peace of mind knowing that lawsuits will not jeopardize company finances.

Nevada state laws compel businesses of all sizes to acquire business insurance to cover various operational aspects, including workers’ compensation. Adequate insurance cover eliminates the need to pay out-of-pocket expenses when faced with costly legal claims.


Insurance brokerage services make it easier to choose the right packages for a business in Las Vegas, NV, including general liability insurance coverage. This type of insurance plan protects your company from personal injury claims, property damage claims, and other liability cases. You can take out a custom liability policy to meet your specific coverage needs.

American Dream Tax Services works closely with you to ensure that your business benefits from adequate coverage to help secure your company’s future. With liability cover, you can handle a variety of legal issues without incurring out-of-pocket expenses.

Commercial Auto Insurance

At American Dream Tax Services, we offer commercial auto insurance to businesses in various sectors, including the construction and transportation industries. In addition, we offer these services to Hispanic business people and other target markets in Nevada and countrywide.

An automotive policy protects your business from lawsuits following vehicle accidents and other unexpected events. We cover trucks, cars, and vans that you operate for business purposes. As an experienced insurance brokerage firm, you can count on us to provide custom solutions and policies to match your auto coverage requirements. Whether you operate a few vehicles or a large fleet, we offer multiple coverage options to ensure peace of mind.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This type of insurance is beneficial to employees in the event of illness or work-related injuries. Workers’ compensation insurance also provides a financial benefit to a deceased staff member’s family. On the other hand, you can use the policy to cover legal fees if an employer initiates a lawsuit against your company.

Thus, the policy offered by our insurance brokerage firm protects employees and your business. Creating a delicate balance between your company and workers’ interests is vital to the future of the business. Employees benefit from lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, death benefit, medical expenses, and disability cover.

Commercial Bonds

Depending on your company’s industry, you may need a commercial bond to obtain specific licenses or permits issued by the state, local, or federal government. These bonds are typically renewable annually. Authorities issue various commercial bonds, including miscellaneous bonds, license bonds, commercial performance bonds, and customs bonds.

Why Choose American Dream Tax Services

Located in Las Vegas, NV, American Dream Tax Services offers an all-in-one solution to match the needs of different companies. Our insurance brokerage firm has many years of experience working with businesses in various industries. Many Hispanic business owners trust our company with their insurance needs. It is no surprise that approximately 90% of our business involves the Hispanic market. In addition to offering commercial insurance products, we also handle tax preparation, payroll services, business licensing, bookkeeping, and business coaching.

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