Tax School

The tax preparation business is booming, thanks to an ever-increasing client base. Most tax preparers earn decent incomes monthly, even when working part-time hours. Certified professionals assist millions of individuals and businesses file taxes accurately.

This recession-proof business opportunity is easier to start and operate profitably. You can earn a decent income by investing in a tax preparation course that helps eliminate the need to sign up for expensive franchise opportunities. The course enables you to learn the dynamics of helping clients prepare tax filing. As a trained professional, you can take advantage of increased opportunities because it becomes easier to represent clients to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) via our e-file service.

At American Dream Tax Services, we encourage you to enroll in our tax school, which gives you a strong foundation to run a successful tax preparation business.

How to Become a Tax Preparer

If you plan to change careers or invest in a profitable venture, you should consider enrolling in our course. By doing so, you can become a professional tax preparer without worrying about the lack of in-depth knowledge of the business or excessive fees associated with tax preparation franchises. We empower you to provide a quality, reliable service to your clients.

The best part is that the course creates a viable business opportunity. In addition, we provide comprehensive support to help you succeed. You benefit from our advisory services, accounting, sales, and other related services as with franchises. Another key benefit of partnering with us is using our e-file services to help your clients file their returns.

Thus, we complement your tax preparation services by acting as the IRS authorized agency. The Internal Revenue Service registers tax preparers and tax file providers. At American Dream Tax Services, we fall into the tax file provider category, allowing us to file taxes electronically on clients’ behalf. You can take advantage of our e-file services to expand the scope of your tax preparation services. IRS imposes stringent criteria for agencies to register as tax file providers.

Why Become a Tax Preparer?

Becoming a tax preparer comes with flexibility and increased income benefits. You can grow your business by expanding the scope of your services in a particular location countrywide. Many tax preparers boost income by partnering with reputable agencies. In your case, you can derive significant financial and operational benefits by collaborating with American Dream Tax Services. 

These partnerships make the tax preparation business more lucrative and viable for the long term, even if you work part-time. It is possible to earn up to 100,000 quarterly. Many professionals earn these amounts working as independent contractors. For this reason, you can venture into the business part-time or full-time. 

Starting a tax business does not require a substantial financial investment. You can start operating with minimal capital because the overheads are low, and it is possible to work from home. Many tax preparers oer their services virtually to clients in various parts of the country. There is no need to worry about working from a large office, implementing a giant IT network, or hiring many workers.
All you need is guidance from an experienced agency that understands tax preparation and provides comprehensive support.

Why Choose American Dream Tax Services

Based in Las Vegas, American Dream Tax Services offers wide-ranging business services, including accounting,
advisory services, tax courses, insurance brokerage, registered agent services, and tax preparation. We enable you
to find an easier and more affordable way to start a tax preparation business by offering access to a tax school.

To find detailed information about the benefits of enrolling in our tax school and starting
your tax preparation business, get in touch with us today.